“Top Gear” improved Sartai racetrack record

sartu rekordas

After a less than a week after the traditional trotting racing Sartai 2014 ‘Sartai hipodrome.Ir visited here left their record history … Historical records show that the horse is likely to host its 1609 long fly in circles, people are being followed for more than two centuries. The latter race stood very tough fight. Since the 2012’s there has been track record – 2 minutes 03,219 – improved in nine runs three times. Eventually, after the “Great Winter Prix running in minutes was recorded freshest – 2: 00.775 minutes. The impressive results were achieved with a resident of Utena Egidijus Gudonis Rodney Trotter Augustine cut off a maximum 72 thousand. LTL piece of the prize fund. However, the most interesting things about race Trotter told Lithuanian stud Marketing Manager Justina Paknytė. It seems that there is a variety of tricks than a dragon. For example, the finish line shall be prohibited stallion whip to urge more than three times, although only the most necessary to activate something like the KERS system or NOS. “As soon as you start playing here and horse experience and the ability to understand the horse. More specifically, the reactions to various stimuli. It is therefore often used in full or partial blinkers operated by thin strings: If you need to speed up timptelėja and horse, the horse sees the next opponents and leaping into higher gear. Another velocity reserve – racing noise. Before the start of this stimuli-sensitive horses placed in the ears of the child’s fist-sized foam plugs with the same string system as blinkers. In due time, they pulled up and step out Horse “- Justina taught. In addition, before the ice-covered racetrack race horses are braced with special winter horseshoes, which is screwed into a six-carbide studs. Image not look more modest than those seen in the “Rocket” type tires mounted on rally cars. The most capable Trotter and horse pulling a cart with a 45-50 km / h. speed. I must admit that the taste of horse leaping from experience wanted for Smetonos times. But buy a good stallion, appropriately supervised and successfully prepare for competition costs frightfully expensive. And there is also a zero vadeliojimo experience … But the solution turned out to be simpler than it first seems. After all, nowhere is written that it is not the carriage in harness trotter sports car. Horseshoes people hear about such ambitions just shrugged his shoulders and pakikenę to a handful of shows, which stands in the stable scene, a stumblebum training equipment. Then, there were only a trifle – attached to the machine and hay to Sartai racecourse record storm. The Iron Horse has agreed to perform the role of the Nissan Juke Nismo. When you open the rear door of the unit, affix the cables towing the single-carts and moved to the track. Here the first attempt the English mile, dashed over 1:45 minutes. Eye to tame the wind and the speed spustelėjom even harder and circle apskriejom over 1:22 minutes. The lines near the end of the road led 125 km / h. line, and in the middle of turn, even much pause truck slid sideways so that we would not make fun of oneself in any sled drift competitions. In short, if the rate reaches the head started to throb not existential insecurities, whether or not nodules sunarplioti trolley allegations credible, it would have been almost perfect. Video Reports