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Horseback riding lessons

Eager to learn to ride a horse or improve your riding skills? Visit our stud farm to experience wonderful moments!

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Carriage or sleigh riding

Take a ride on an ancient stagecoach or a sports carriage in the green meadows to feel a warm wind gust in summer and enjoy sleigh riding in the snow-blanketed fields in winter. It is a great pastime for both kids and adults!

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We organise excursions to tell our visitors about Lithuanian horse breeds, horse psychology and behaviour. Every horse, just like every person, is different: has a different story and origin, a unique appearance, colour and character traits.

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Hobby groups and camps for children

We invite children to spend their time after school actively and have fun! We organise hobby groups and summer camps to teach children to get to know horses, make friends with them, take care of them, and ride correctly

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Bachelorette and bachelor parties

We can help you test the cleverness and strength of a future groom by means of horse handling or a variety of horseback riding tasks

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Personal occasions

We organise parties, birthday parties and picnics with family, colleagues or friends in a natural setting.

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Renting stalls for horses

We offer stalls for rent to those who have horses. Our staff will take care of the stalls, feeding and feed of your horses.

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Gardų nuoma žirgams laikyti

Horse transport services

We can take care of a safe trip of your horse!

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Insemination and mating services

We have a licence to engage in breeding activities and provide insemination services.

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