Lietuvos žirgynas, the oldest and largest stud farm in Lithuania


The stud farm boasts over 800 horses of nine different breeds. Žemaitukas, Heavy Žemaitukas, Trakehner, Lithuanian Heavy Draft, saddle, Arabian, Trotter and Holsteiner horses, as well as Shetland ponies are bred and reared here.


Lietuvos žirgynas has three branches in different parts of Lithuania, namely Vilniaus žirgynas (Vilnius district), Sartų žirgynas (Zarasai district) and Nemuno žirgynas (Pagėgiai district). The history of the latter stud farm dates back to the XVIII century, which saw the introduction of the Trakehner breed. Today it is proud to have the largest number of Trakehner horses not only in Europe but also in the world.



The key task of Lietuvos žirgynas is to preserve and improve endangered Lithuanian horse breeds. Lietuvos žirgynas currently keeps 584 Žemaitukas, Heavy Žemaitukas, Trakehner, and Lithuanian Heavy Draft horses. These horse breeds are significant not only to the history, culture and horse breeding of Lithuania but also to global biodiversity.


Žemaitukas horses are valued and preserved the most, with the breed recorded in the Global Databank for Farm Animal Genetic Resources and the World Watch List for Domestic Animal Diversity. The Žemaitukas is one of Europe’s oldest breeds known since the VI–VII century.



Our zootechnicians, veterinarians and trainers put a lot of effort into breeding horses with good origin, exterior and sports characteristics, with the entire process lasting from foaling to five or even seven years. Professional and regular specialist care helps foster a high horse breeding value.


Horses of different breeds reared and trained here are sold not only in Lithuania but also abroad. The horses we sell and the horse insemination and mating services we offer generate interest among customers in Sweden, Finland, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Denmark, Italy, France and other countries.


Horses at the stud farm are trained for a variety of purposes and performances, such as dressage, show jumping, eventing, trotting, endurance, and harness races. Every year, we win around 160 awards and recognitions in national and international horse races or tests. Renowned for their strength, endurance and grace, Trakehner horses have scored the highest number of victories.


Every year, all the three branches of Lietuvos žirgynas organise various national and international show jumping, dressage, and harness racing events. The most popular of them are the Sartai Trotting Race and the Express Cup and Nemunas Stud Farm Cup show jumping competitions, which have been held for a few decades already.


We offer our guests year-round active leisure activities, such as horseback riding or orienteering trips on Lithuanian Žemaitukas and Trakehner horses in the surrounding area. Those who are afraid of horseback riding can take a ride on a stagecoach and enjoy a sleigh ride in winter.


We organise excursions to tell our visitors about Lithuanian horse breeds, horse psychology and behaviour. Anyone wishing to capture the most beautiful moments of their life will have an opportunity to do this in a photo shoot with horses.

Apie Mus – Lietuvos Žirgynas

Apie Mus – Lietuvos Žirgynas

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